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Ankur is a trained professional actor who has worked in Films, Commercials and Documentaries. While having his formal training in acting from City Academy London, Ankur started his career working in commercials for brands like Bacardi, TGI Fridays, Fujitsu to name a few but soon he starred in the feature film ‘Letter to Obama’ which was based on a true story of the pre revolution struggle in Egypt, playing a ruthless and notorious guard in Tora prison in Egypt. The film ran successfully in international film festivals and was critically acclaimed.

His love for the art and his multilingual capability to speak fluent Bengali apart from his strong command on English and Hindi got him starred for the lead role of a rich and successful young man who falls prey of an unusual revenge in the film titled ‘Payback’ which was acclaimed in the Delhi International Film festival.

Ankur loves to communicate a character to an audience through speech, body language and movement which in his thought gives the freedom to an individual to live many lives and experiences in one.

Let some still and some in motion images do a bit of speaking now….


Head Shot 1
Head Shots
Head Shot 2
Head Shots
Head Shot 3
Head shots
Head Shot 4
Head Shots
Head Shot 5
Head Shots


The joy is to put oneself in a character’s shoes and seeing how close one gets to understand him. The process gets more gratifying than the result.



Work and Experience

Title Type Role Company Director Year
Taming of the Shrew Theater Play Bianca Minola Killol Foundation Desh Vansadia 2018
Joyalukkas Jewellery TVC Salesman Useful Garbage Creations Shweta Anand 2017
The Poison of Perfection Film Loving Fiance Phoenix Volcanic Productions Alice Connolly 2014
Park Life Film Drug dealer Damian Hot Water Productions Thomas Heaton 2013
Old Instant love Film Father-son duo Yogi & Yash JB Films Jaydeep Basu 2013
Payback Film Successful businessman:Ankur JB Films Jaydeep Basu 2012
Letter to Obama Feature film Merciless Tora prison guard Filmart Limited (UK) Ayman Nour 2011
New Mumbai Documentry Scientist turned Farmer Independent Tobias Revell 2012
Mercedes AMG Petronas TVC Commercial Lab Technician Fellow Productions:Luminous Production Company Brad Hogarth 2014
Fujitsu- Vodafone Bid Commercial Computer Expert: Paulo I – Motus Productions Roger Price 2014
TGI Fridays (UK) – Celebrations Commercial Person celebrating in the Party Brain Candy Films James Stoneley 2012
Bacardi – Oakheart Commercial Person taking the challenge Indeed Productions Hersha Patel 2011



Physical Details

Categories Measures
178 cm
Shoe size
8.0 (UK) 
Hair colour
Hair length
Eye colour


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